Chief Instructor

stutgStuart Lovering is the chief instructor of Tudor Grange.

He himself was only a junior when he first started in 1988 after finding the calming side of it assisted him in the competions he used to compete in through his karate. Noticing the differance aikido was doing for him he continued to follow even though the reasons have changed over the years. He started aikido due to the interest in martial arts and has continued due to the enjoyment of giving other people the same experience he has had over the years and how it has helped him through his early years.

He has been a  member of the British Birankai Teaching Committee and holds the rank of 5th Dan Shidoin.

Tudor Grange Central Aikido Dojo   

   The dojo has now been going since 2000  and  is achieving what it was set out for.

The dojo was started to bring the same quality of CMW dojo to the Solihull area at a beginner stage. Here the instructors teach with high clarity and show technical abilities for beginners to understand at a lower level.

  With the dojo’s high standards and quality you will gain excellent fitness and self confidence giving a feeling of well being whilst also gaining the abilty to defend your self should you need to.

 The dojo is affiliated to the British Birankai  was under the technical direction of Master Chiba Sensei.

The British Birankai (formerly British Aikikai) was born out of the natural evolution of events in the development of Aikido in the United Kingdom.

British Birankai was given official recognition by Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan in April 2006.

waka joint photo

The British Birankai is a member of the Joint Aikido Council (JAC).

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